MNE Hiring is a well-known business on the Highveld area and especially in the town, Ermelo.  It all started ±20 years ago on the Lelliefontein farm, about 25km out on the Lothair road with only a few things to hire from a very inspired farm lady.

MNE Hiring has expanded rapidly over the past years with all the accessories and equipment for any type of function you can think off. Currently we are proud of 400 m² of high quality hiring accessories and equipment for birthday parties, stork teas, business functions, yearend functions, weddings or even a special evening with friends. You come with your ideas, and we will help you to set a beautiful and unforgettable table for your function with all our accessories.

Come and visit our showroom to get all types of ideas! Don’t miss the opportunity for excellent service and stunning hiring equipment.

Contact Us

Contact Hanrie 071 602 5910 for any other information, questions, requests, quotations or bookings or send an email to

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